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Saltcoats School 

Saltcoats School is a K - 8 elementary school, consisting of approximately 140 students from ages 4-14. Students attend Saltcoats school from surrounding commmunities. Saltcoats School Mission is "Saltcoats School community works to promote a love of learning, a sense of responsibilty and respect for self, others, and the world."

Saltcoats School is located in the Town of Saltcoats at 301 York Road.

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Saltcoats School

Saltcoats & District Daycare 

In 2005, in a small, busy community, with many young families, and conversations around, Town Council was approached with the idea of a definite need for a children’s day care center in our community. This was all very real and exciting; with one high factor though, a "building" to make this happen. We didn’t let this stop us. Yorkton Housing Authority owned several units in our community with some vacant units at that time. There was a perfect parcel of land for a day care to happen, close to rinks, and the school.

A board was put into place with Town Council and serval meetings were held. A presentation was put forth to the Saltcoats Housing Authority and Saltcoats Social Board, and it all became real when the Town of Saltcoats purchased this parcel of land for $50,000 for a day care center.

Years of work began. Plans were put into place with the generous help and guidance from Yellowhead REDA. Grants were applied for, and many countless hours of community involvement and volunteer hands, meetings, construction, work bees and government funding. The Saltcoats Daycare is a Early Years Center that became operational in June 2008. It operates out of a facility close to the elementary school and is staffed with a great team of enthusiastic, qualified and caring individuals.

The children are offered 3 nutritional meals that follow the Canadian Food Guide. We also have outdoor time (weather permitting) throughout the day in our spacious backyard or within our beautiful community. The Programming is based on the interest of the children and often follows the play and exploration guide.

The Daycare is open Monday to Friday 6 am to 6 pm. Feel free to phone call 306-744-2213 or drop in for more information.

Saltcoats Playschool

Saltcoats Play School is a play-based program for 3 and 4 year olds. Children attend Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:30. School begins in October and runs until the end of May.

Play School gives the opportunity for children to learn and explore by playing and manipulating different tools throughout the year, such as play dough, paint, water table activities, stories, sharing time, themes, trips and many more activities.

Children are encouraged to do decision making both on their own and also working with others to learn how to make decisions together by using words instead of fists.

Although the children have much "free time" it helps them to develop and explore such important skills as socialization, language development, communication, listening, imagination and much more. We try and stay to the same routine and transition so the children know what to expect and get comfortable and familiar with "their school".

Play School encourages children to be independent and proud of their achievements throughout their day. School is play based as this is how our kids learn, by doing and exploring, not by sitting.

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